GPTCash & AirdropTalkForum is a community oriented cryptocurrency project that focus on community building.

Green Energy

Unlike Other Cryptocurrency GPTCash coin are mined using proof of stake algorithm making it Eco-friendly cryptocurrency

Star is Born

Cryptocurrency is born everyday but only a handful of cryptocurrency make it to the top! GptCash Coin are aiming to be one of the STAR in the Cryptocurrency Sphere


Community is the core requirements for cryptocurrency success. GPTCash Coin Launch a 30-week long airdrop rounds to fuel the growth of the community.

Introducing GPTCash Coin

A Cryptocurrency for the Get paid to Industry. Join the 30-Week Long GPTCash Coin airdrop, Its free to join and everyone is welcome to join our Growing Community.

  • Cryptocurrency Community Project
  • Green, Fast & Cost-Effective Transactions
  • 30 Weeks of GPTCash Coin Airdrop
  • Dedicated Development and Community Management Team
  • 100% Transparent airdrop distributions
  • Everyone is welcome! No age,race,experience discrimination.

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Latest News

  • Pre-Launch Announcement

    We are proud to announce the launch of our community airdrop project. Announcement threads for different cryptocurrency community will be opened by our marketing team. More details will be posted soon. For the meantime browse thru our website and forum and ask some question about the project. Our official forum: Socials will be announce…


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