GPTCash is a community cryptocurrency project that envisioned itself as one of the major payment currency in the GPT Industry.

Our GPT platform will enable employers, advertisers and different companies to outsource job and manpower for more efficient and cost-effective way to complete their needs. GPT Industry is a billion dollar industry and many work at home people are turning to GPT Platform to earn extra money online. ​

Digital Payment Solutions

30-Weeks of Community Airdrop

Proof of Stake Mining

Fast Transaction

GPTCash Blockchain offers fast and efficient transaction for your everydays payment needs.
Your GPTCash will be spendable after 5Confirmation


GPTCash is a 100% Community Project. All project future decision will undergo community consultation and Voting.

Cheap Transaction

Pay and Get Paid using GPTCash to enjoy cheapest and cost-effective transaction fees versus other payment processor.


After the Airdrop Distribution. All GPTCash Hodlers will be part of the core group to govern the project direction.

Community Airdrop

GPTCash Airdrop will fuel the growth of airdroptalkforum as a community forum. Forum Features includes Forum Chatbox, In-House Forum Currency, Lotto, Bank System,contest to name a few. Join Airdroptalkforum a be a pioneer members of our new community forum startup.

Pre-Mine Allocation

Airdrop Funds

30,000,000 GPTCash

Development Funds

3,000,000 GPTCash

Donation Event

3,000,000 GPTCash

Bounty & Marketing

1,500,000 GPTCash

Founders Reward

1,500,000 GPTCash


1,000,000 GPTCash

Giveaway Funds

200,000 GPTCash

Windows Wallet x86/64

Linux Wallet

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon