10 Things I Have Learned In 24 Hours With 7 Kids

This is Prudence Pennywise, reporting from the front lines, where seven children and one mildly deranged thirty something woman have survived a full day and night. Here's what I've learned about babysitting my sister's five children (plus my two), while she takes a well- deserved vacation with her husband in the Cayman Islands.1. If you take the kids to the park, don't watch the baby. Watch the toddler. If you don't watch the toddler, he'll get off the slide and join in a tug of war with the junior high kids on a field trip. (Incidentally, his team won. )2. Some children will not mind having orange Cheeto dust and pink frosting all over their shirts. But if you happened to brush by them with a damp hand, they will need to change IMMEDIATELY.3. It's impossible to make an egg or a peanut butter sandwich, even with explicit instructions, the way your Mom does. 4. Boys forget they are hungry when they are playing, but suddenly remember that they are starving and have eaten nothing all day at bedtime. 5. The baby will not mind being babysat during the day, but he'll be mad as a hornet that you are not his mother at 3 AM. 6. Blue Raspberry snow cone syrup does come out of beige carpet. Phew.7. Things like scout books, soccer cleats, ballet bags, school shoes, and homework have both tendencies to be lost whenever you need them, and to clutter up the house whenever you don't need them. 8. Every child on planet earth wants to buy lunch on pizza day. 9. Children are amazingly beautiful and flawless when sleeping. (But I already knew that.)10. My sister really, really deserves a vacation. I don't know how she does it, but I better figure it out soon. Next Up:Asian Steak Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing