14 Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Menu

Audrey´s Amazing BuffetFor the first time in my life I had a Thanksgiving party at my friend Audrey's place. This girl from Colorado rocks! This is how she would say it! Moved in Europe some years ago, she is now based in Amsterdam developing the promotion of the street artist Max Zorn - I need to make a short interruption here, because this guy is really amazing, doing lighting framed scenes only with tape, please check his website to get the idea!

Audrey is organizing an Erasmus Thanksgiving Turkey by Audreyparty every year and this time she invited me as well as 16 other friends, some coming from Germany or London for the occasion. 
I had a blast and I was so thankful to taste a bit of the most traditional American cuisine! Besides the Turkey, beautiful bird, we had:2 different stuffing with veggies and bread,gravy, cranberries sauce, mash potatoes, Italian broccoli, corn bread with sage Audrey secret green beans casserole, spinach and artichoke gratin, roasted sweet potatoes,  Then she prepared an amazing pumpkin pie and pecan tart fro dessert!

Now I understand better this celebration, and I wanted to suggest for this year some ideas for a slightly different Thanksgiving!  
We keep the spirit and the turkey, and I invite you to try new side dishes with an exotic twist!
Appetit VoyageAperidip IdeasFirst of all, why don´t start the dinner with some dips and small appetizers, very French but delicious and totally made in advance! So, while your guests are having their first drink and enjoy some (1) Aperidips and (2) French verrines you can be back in the kitchen to check our holy bird!
Then find here some Appetit Voyage ideas to go with the turkey: (3) Oriental Sweet spicy carrots (4) Asian Green beans casserole(5) Oriental Spinach(6) Breads(7) Pumpkin Tian(8) French Tian (9) Italian pasta gratin(10) Spanish squash Tian(11) Stuffed Mushrooms(12) Roasted Pumpkin(13) Canarian style potatoes
You will find much more recipes of oven baked dishes on the blog and in my e-books, I let you check them.  Finally, of course, we will have a (14) pumpkin pie! 
Appetit VoyageNow I would like to say thank you, reader! Since I started this blog 5 years ago, I had been learning, trying, cooking and tasting making my best to bring you some easy, quick and yummy recipes from all over the world! Thank you for being here and following me!

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