Bawful After Dark: January 31, 2012

"Oh boy! Another special Tuesday BAD post!"
Yes, another Tuesday post even though I said I wouldn't be able to do these this season. I was afraid that if I didn't post omething, Blake Griffin and LeBron James might simultaneously dunk on my ass, resulting in all life as I know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in my body exploding at the speed of light.

Big news, you guys. Darryl Dawkins is apparently now on Twitter. I didn't realize they got Internet service all the way out on Lovetron.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

"Oh Carlos, I missed you so much..."

Griffin already gets Dunk of the Year? Bango says eff that noise!

Chris Bosh approves. Thumbs up, bro
All The Games:

Celtics at Cavaliers, 7:00pm: (looks at watch impatiently as Kyrie Irving scores another bucket) So when the hell is Rajon Rondo coming back?

Nyets at Pacers, 7:00pm: Actual Avery Johnson quote after the Nyets lost to the Craptors the other night: "I DIDN'T SEE THE SWAGGER." You can hear that being screamed in his voice right now, can't you? It's making you smile, isn't it?

Hawks at Craptors, 7:00pm: If the Hawks win tonight, it'll be the first time since 1968 that they've won at least four games in a five game roadtrip. But of course they're the Hawks and impossible to predict so they're probably going to score 78 points and get annhiliated by the rollerskating velociraptors or something just to make me look bad for even bringing up that statistic.

Pistons at Knicks, 7:30pm: The painful "clank clank clank" sounds of bricked jumpers will echo through the entire state of New York tonight.

Nuggets at Grizzlies, 8:00pm: Lionel Hollins has been brought to the point of calling out his team's effort after dropping four consecutive games. If he really wants to motivate his team, he should just show them his hand and threaten "You'll end up like this if you don't play hard tonight."

Kings at Warriors, 10:30pm: Do we have coaching revenge game possibilities here? This is the first time Keith Smart is facing his former team since getting dropped at the end of last season.

Bobcraps at Lakers, 10:30pm: This is the last Lakers home game until Valentine's Day. And we all know the Lakers struggle on the road, so this game is pretty much a must-win. But also, it's against Charlotte, so that in and of itself makes it a must-win.