Beginner English Quizzes

Beginner English Quizzes


Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjective or Adverb? (17)Adjectives- positive & negative (13)Adverbs- Position in sentence (15)All & Every (10)Already or Yet (11)Enough (13)Enough & Too (11)Enough- 2 (34)Ever & Never (10)Few & Little (10)Good & Well (10)Many or Many of (13)Order of Adjectives (14)Too & Enough (29)Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (11)



A & An (25)A, An or The (12)Articles (60)Definite Article or Zero Article? (20)Zero article or The? (57)


Comparatives & Superlatives

Comparatives (11)Comparatives and Superlatives (16)Fewer & Less (10)



And & But (12)As (10)While or During (10)



Both, Either & Neither (10)Consonants & Vowels (26)Either & Neither (10)Grammar Check (15)Hundred and Hundreds (10)No & Not (10)So do I & Neither do I (10)This, That, These and Those (10)



Must & Can (10)



Countable or Uncountable? (41)Plurals (15)Plurals- Compound Nouns (10)Singular or Plural? (11)



Good + preposition (10)Prepositions of Location- At & In (12)Prepositions of Time- In On At (14)Prepositions- Time (76)To & For (10)


Present Simple

Present Simple (16)Present Simple & Progressive- 2 (19)Present Simple or Progressive (16)



Me & To Me (16)Object Pronoun or Reflexive Pronoun? (10)Possessives and Reflexive Pronouns (14)Pronouns (16)Subject and Object Pronouns (12)They, Them, Their & Theirs (11)



Pronunciation of 'th' (10)



How (10)Question Words (10)Questions- Short Answers (10)

Since and For

Since & For 2 (38)Since or For (10)

Some & Any

Some & Some of (10)Some, Any or No? (22)Someone, Anyone or No one? (14)


Spelling and Punctuation

American & British Spelling (12)Apostrophes (14)Capital Letter & Lower Case (21)Days of the Week (7)Its & It's (10)Months of the Year (12)Punctuation (13)Spelling- 'ie' or 'ei'? (10)Spelling- 'n' or 'nn'? (10)Spelling- -or or -er? (17)Spelling- Plural Nouns (12)Spelling- Silent Letters (13)Test your Spelling (15)There, Their & They're (10)



How many syllables? (15)


Verbs and Tenses

Am, Are & Is (15)Auxiliary Verbs (15)Don't & Doesn't (10)Have or Has (18)Imperatives (10)Need & Needn't (10)She's = is or has? (11)Simple or Progressive? (10)There is or There are (15)Was or Were (16)Will or Would (10)



Antonyms and Synonyms (18)Beat, Earn, Lose & Win (10)Been & Gone (10)Borrow & Lend (10)Bring, Fetch & Take (10)Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers (10)Crime (10)Days of the week (18)Directions (11)Family (10)Hear & Listen (11)Holiday & Holidays (7)Job & Work (11)Journey, Travel & Trip (11)Look, See & Watch (10)Lose & Miss (11)Months (12)Pay & Pay for (11)Restaurants (11)Rob & Steal (10)Seem & Look Like (10)Sport (10)Sport- Play, Go & Do (10)Telephones (12)Units & Containers (10)