Brick Restaurant In Haarlem

Breestraat 24-26
2011 ZZ Haarlem
[email protected]
Phone: 023 - 55 11 870

This restaurant opened in October 2011 in the centre of Haarlem and I was really curious to try it!What is the problem with the new spots in Haarlem? 
It is always difficult to be spontaneous, and you need to book the table in advance!Another thing I do not really like is when there is 2 rounds,... you take the risk if you come early to be told to move on as soon as you finished your dinner.
Nevertheless, I could easily book a table for 2 from 1 day to another, and I have to go to a concert straight after, so I did not suffer the pressure from the restaurant, but more from the Philarmonie! ;-)
The place is really cozy and well decorated, warm. The waiters were all very nice, helpful and making efforts to speak English!The open kitchen is situated at the entrance, so you can see the people working. We get a table on the 1st floor, and I loved what I discovered when I realized that I sit exactly on top of the kitchen that I was discovering from a glass floor!
We had some Ribera del Duero red wine. Quite young with some asperity, but still balanced and powerful with plenty of dark fruit.
As starter, I ordered smoked chicken salad with green leaves and fennel and a tarragon and yogurt dressing! Very nice!
Then I ordered the deer ribs served with some nice gravy and purple potatoes and Brussels sprouts. The meat was wonderful, tender and perfectly cooked! Really nice!
For dessert I tried the Toblerone mousse and orange salad. A little bit disappointing. I did not recognize the chocolate bar taste and it was really sweet and there was not enough orange to counter balance it.
The experience was nice. I would recommend then to go for the 3 courses menu at 27 Euros, that will keep the bill decent!

You can also stop by and just have some snack or a burger and be seated next to the kitchen on high table.

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