Button Quail And Some Other Friends

´╗┐These are our new additions... three Button Quail. A local woman was re homing them and for some reason I figured it would be fun to take them and experiment, see how they are.
They are quite cute, I'll give them that. They talk.. a lot. It sounds like I'm outside in the forest listening to the birds talking, it's a quiet talk though, a lot quieter than the Kakarikis gang. They bolt straight up in the air when scared, which is rather funny, but also dangerous for them, so you have to be careful. Once I got them in their cage they settled quite quickly and didn't even mind Douglas peeking in to see what they were. He's really freaked out by them, but then again, he's easily freaked out.

They are super tiny, way smaller than I imagined, they are the size of a chick, but full grown. They easily fit in the palm of my hand. They are pretty hyper as expected, but I read that you can tame them or shall we say, calm them, by feeding them meal worms. As soon as I can, I'll buy some. I have two tubs of worms in the basement fridge for Gladys (Gladys is one of my red hens) which I feed her as treats, but they are big worms, too big for the Buttons.
Apparently there is a male and two females here, a year old.

I'm hoping to sit down tonight to do some further research into them. Apparently a lot of people use them to clean up bird seed in their aviaries. I've never heard of them before the other day!

I forgot to share these pictures days ago when I took them, and I didn't want to forget again, because they are super cute.

Here is my bug helper - the frog, finally caught on camera! He was on our back door eating bugs. He was there again last night too.


And on the 26th of August the turtles hatched! I found this snapper by my chicken coop, I almost stepped on him. I took him to our big pond to help him out.

Call me crazy but I found out today that Kevin Costner and his band the Modern West are coming to a nearby town for the fair... it's not really close, but close enough. I want to go so badly. I have no idea if they are any good, but it is Kevin Costner.

Anyway... back to work.