Last night I watched this film - Darband. At first I just want to play it so that I can fall asleep because lately I have trouble to sleep at night. Normally I will play Boys Avenue medley songs. Before the songs finish I've fallen asleep. But last night when I scroll down my Youtube lists, I saw this film and interested to watch because of the title - Darband. A place that I really want to go. During my last visit to Iran, bff wanted to take me there but when we were on our way, the traffic was so bad and there was no good parking lot. So we end up went to Sortomeh. I am expecting the film to show places in Darband but actually there were I think only 1 scene there in it's just a couple of minutes.
However, I watched the film til the end. It was a very interesting film. Just like most of Iranian films, it was a simple movie, no extravaganza props but full of meaning. I am very satisfied with this film. Moreover what makes me happier is that I can understand the film without English subtitles. Kudos to myself!
The film tells a story of a girl (Nazanin), a 1st semester medical student in one of university in Tehran. She did not get a place in hostel, therefore she seek for a room to rent. She found a room near the uni with another woman name Sahar. While waiting her turn to get a khabgah (hostel), she lives there. Sahar is a social girl. She likes to hang out with friends (boys and girls) until late night at her house (it's a big contradic with Iranian lifestyle which the authorities donot allow mix gathering in a house). It makes Nazanin uncomfortable as she has to study. But, sitting in a room while there are mehmoon (guests) is bad in Iranian culture. Nazanin and Sahar fight one time because of this. However they apologize each other thereafter. 
One night, Sahar was not well, she bleeds. Nazanin thought Sahar has illness that related to feminine. The day before she was caught by police because of money. She lend money from someone and did not pay. The money used to get visa and passport to go kharej (oversea). Nazanin worry that Sahar's sickness will become worst if she's detained in the jail. She tried to do everything to pay the talabkar (person that give debt). She found no solution and the only way is to ask the talabkar to detain her if later Sahar does not pay him.
When Sahar came out from jail, they went to the agency who is handling the visa to get back the money to give to the talabkar. Coincidently, the visa and passport were ready. Sahar changed her mind. Without Nazanin acknowledgement, she take the visa and farar (run) from home. Nazanin couldn't find Sahar and now afraid that the talabkar want to catch her. The nightmare happened but before she's being catch, the talabkar's son which is actually one of Sahar's friend come to Nazanin to free her from his father. After that, I didnot really understand why, the talabkar son suicide in car accident. Nazanin is free from being detained.
Well actually, I don't really understand what happened, why Sahar bleeds and why the talabkar son suicide. I hope somebody will tell me about this later. 
Here is the film
Taa daafe baad....mogharebe khodetun bashid!!