Embassy Chinese Restaurant: Great Food!

Located right next to San Gabriel Blvd., this restaurant has a great location and has great Chinese food! We have been coming here for many years, but it hasn't been until this year that I started taking photos of this place. Been taking so many photos of this place already and still haven't written a review yet on it! I am so behind. And since today we went there, I decided to write the review today. Sorry but no exterior or interior photos like I usually like to take on my daily basis.

For this visit, we came at lunch, where there were lunch specials. The items were very affordable compared to another restaurant that we have been recently visiting, Green Island (which that review will be up on Tripadvisor soon...but I didn't get into our recent visit there). Green Island's entrees start from 6.50 onward, but here it's slightly lower. The most expensive entrees are only 6.25 (not including the Chef's special portion) which is very affordable. Plus, the portion sizes are very large compared to some of Green Island's items. The only thing missing from the restaurants would be something called "wok-hey"- the flavors at Green Island are a little bit more strong.

Anyway, when we just entered the restaurant, it started smelling like coconut, which was very unusual. But what was it? Complimentary soup that was cooking which made the whole restaurant smell!Closeup- Coconut with stewed meat soup

The flavors from the soup were pretty rich and very meaty. You could actually smell the coconut as you drank the soup! The pieces of coconut were not really tender but crunchy. Nice to gnaw on if you wanted to. One of our family members said that they would have liked another bowl of this soup too as they liked it.

Preserved Veggies with Pork

The first item to come was "Muy Choy Kow Jok" or preserved veggies with pork. The pork was very fatty like it should be for this dish, and the flavor was great. Lots of soy sauce, and this dish great accompaniment to the steamed rice that was also again free.

Stir-Fried Green Beans

The next item that came was a platter of crisp, flavorful green beans. There was aplenty of small pieces of pepper, dried shrimp, and preserved vegetable which added lots of flavors to what would have been a pretty much regular dish. Green beans are fried lightly (see the wrinkled skin?) in oil and then are stir-fried with other ingredients. The frying does add fat though for people who are very health conscious, but I think you could probably tell them not to, but it would probably taste different.

Spinach with Black Pepper Beef
One of the dishes that one of our family members loves. The black pepper sauce adds some kick to the dish and the beef is very tender. Spinach is wilted but not crisp though.
"French Style Beef Stew" with Noodles
We were looking at the menu today and we were interested in this item. And so we asked our waiter for some information on this dish, and he just said it was French style beef on top of noodles. I don't think he knew what he was saying as what came out didn't look like that at all!
It looked more like beef stew curry on noodles instead. The sauce had some curry flavor but overall the dish was not very flavorful. Noodles at least though were fresh but not chewy- I like chewy though. For 7.25, we would not have ordered this again.
Fried Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Also called "Muh Lou Ban Phai", this came last. I think they did have a problem with this dish as all our other items came, and then nothing came afterwards. And so we asked if it came yet, and about 5 minutes later it came. Probably they didn't even cook it beforehand! This probably was made very fast, but it's one of the dishes I like.
The fish was very tender and was smooth- probably due to cornstarch. Outside was slightly crisp, and the sauce was a strong with the sour flavor. With rice though it tasted great!
We'll be back soon to this restaurant! Look forward to bigger photos with a watermark- I'm just loading the photos straight from my computer right now. I know really truly appreciate all the food blogs I am reading even more as these posts take aplenty of time to upload, write, and publish (this took me about 30 minutes and maybe even more), I'll probably talk about some other past items we had later on. Hope you liked my first restaurant post and have a happy holiday!

Embassy Chinese Restaurant
218 South San Gabriel Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Tel: (626)-286-8148