Fashion Gin Tonic

In Madrid since the beginning of the year, the new fashion bars which are opening are specialized in cocktails, and some time more specifically gin cocktails!

In this new drinks offer, the star is the gin tonic! but not any kind of gin tonic! My friend Arturo brought me to one this places and ask a gin tonic for me,... and I have to say that it is delicious!!!!
The secret, is a high quality gin, HENDRICKS, special tonic water, FEVER TREE, and instead of the traditionnal lemon slice, you will have a cucumber slice!!!!

It will sound you strange the first time you hear it, but I promise that it gives such a smooth and great taste to the gin tonic, that at my own place, now, if you ask for a gin tonic, you will get the cucumber one!!!!!
If you have tried it yet, go for it, it is really a nice experience,....but drink with responsiblity!

One of our favorite place to have it in Madrid, is the GUAU, next to Santa Ana square,... a wide range of every kind of gin tonic!!!! A little bit expensive (11 Euros), but a fantastic drink at the end!La noche es joven, we say in Spanish,... it is something like, enjoy the night till the sunrise!
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