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What is FolderSizes v8.1?

Desktop PCs, laptops and servers can quickly end up accumulating large quantities of unused, temporary, and duplicate files. Before you know it, you’re out of drive space, backups are taking far too long to run, users can’t find what they need, and you’re struggling to plan for the future. You need a visual, interactive software tool to help you manage disk space. You need FolderSizes. FolderSizes is an award-winning, network-enabled disk space analyzer for Windows. This is a complete setup for both x86 and x64 bit pc systems. This is offline setup for FolderSizes v8.1. For new features, please read below....

Features of FolderSizes v8.1:

Largest Files - See which files are consuming the most disk space.Oldest Files - Find old, unused files that are taking up valuable disk space.Newest Files - See the newest files and who's been creating them.Temporary Files - Identify and manage space-consuming duplicates.File Types - See which file types (by extension) are consuming the most space.File Type Groups - High-level file types report with fully customizable groups.File Attributes - Shows the distribution of files by attributes (e.g. read-only, hidden, etc.).File Owners - Find out which specific users are using the most disk space.File Sizes - Shows the distribution of files by size.File Names - Shows the distribution of files by name length.File Dates - Shows the distribution of files by age.File Depths - Shows the distribution of files by folder depth.
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Free Download FolderSizes v8.1 Full Version with Serial Key Activation Code. This is the offline setup works with both 32 bit / 64 bit system architecture.