Handmade, Relief Carved Decorative Fairy Ceramic Tile.


Relief carved and hand painted 6x6 fairy tile available to order from http://.com
Known as daughters of the moon, the Lele of Romanian mythology are described as beautiful virgin fairies with great seductive powers and magic skills. They inhabit remote forests, caves and marshes, mostly appearing by moonlight in groups of three or seven to dance in secluded glades, ponds, marshes, and the top of maple or walnut trees, they will also dance at crossroads and in abandoned fireplaces. Much like the elf and fairy mythology of many other cultures the Lele cast spells with their circle dances which typically leave a ring of mushrooms called ‘fairy rings’ behind. The Hora, a popular traditional Romanian folk dance done in a spinning circle, is said to come from the dance of the Lele. Though they are not generally considered evil, they will inflict terrible punishment when provoked by sleeping under a tree belonging to them or refusing an invitation to dance and if one should randomly hear one of their songs they will become instantly mute. To please the Lele, festival days were dedicated to them. Anyone not respecting these days by working or not participating in the dancing were said to suffer the revenge of the Lele with mysterious death or crippling. Lack of respect for the Lede could also cause hail, floods, withered trees and houses to catch on fire.