Intermediate English Handouts

Intermediate English Handouts


Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjective or Present Participle? (10)Adjectives and Adverbs with the same form (14)Adjectives ending -ful and -less (20)Adjectives ending -ible and -able (20)Adjectives- Order (12)Adverbs of degree (10)Adverbs with two forms (18)Adverbs- Position (14)All & Whole (10)Already or Yet (11)Even (10)Interesting & Interested, etc (10)So & Such (44)So, Too & Very (12)



Articles with geographical names (29)Articles with uncountable nouns (10)Definite Article or Zero Article- Geography (16)



Conditionals- Time (14)Identifying Conditionals (16)If (14)If or Unless? (14)Mixed Conditionals (30)Mixed Conditionals - 2 (39)Which conditional? (15)



Although, Though, Despite and However (13)As or Like (14)Because or Because Of ? (17)Conjunctions (14)In Case & In Case Of (10)That (10)


Direct & Indirect Speech

Indirect speech (15)


Future Forms

Futures (11)Will & Going to (10)


Gap Filling

Gap Filling- 1 (33)Gap Filling- 2 (34)Gap Filling- 3 (41)Gap Filling- 4 (20)



Another, Other & Others (13)Each & Every (14)Editing (20)Editing & correcting (21)Mixed Multiple Choice (17)Only, Lonely & Alone (8)PET Writing (Part 1) (26)Purpose- For, To & So That (16)So & So That (11)Wish (17)Word order (16)


Gerunds and Infinitives

Gerund or Infinitive? (10)Infinitives with or without 'to' (12)Try to do & Try doing, etc (9)Used to & Be/Get Used To (10)Used to, get used to & be used to (10)



Idioms- Animals (10)Idioms- Colours\Colors (17)Mixed Idioms Quiz (10)



May or Might (10)Mixed Modals (10)Mixed Modals 2 (10)Modals- Permission and Requests (10)


Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech 1 (14)Parts of Speech 2- Adverbs (11)



Passive (15)Passive (2) (14)


Past Simple

Past Simple & Present Perfect (52)Past Simple or Past Perfect? (10)Past Simple, Progressive Perfect (13)


Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs - Bring (11)Phrasal Verbs - Check (10)Phrasal Verbs - Come (11)Phrasal Verbs - Cut (11)Phrasal Verbs - Do (11)Phrasal Verbs - Draw (10)Phrasal Verbs - Fall (11)Phrasal Verbs - Find (10)Phrasal Verbs - Get (23)Phrasal Verbs - Give (11)Phrasal Verbs - Go (18)Phrasal Verbs - Hand (12)Phrasal Verbs - Let (14)Phrasal Verbs - Listen (11)Phrasal Verbs - Lock (10)Phrasal Verbs - Look (20)Phrasal Verbs - Make (18)Phrasal Verbs - Pay (13)Phrasal Verbs - Put (13)Phrasal Verbs - Run (13)Phrasal Verbs - See (14)Phrasal Verbs - Set (15)Phrasal Verbs - Sign (10)Phrasal Verbs - Sit (10)Phrasal Verbs - Speak (13)Phrasal Verbs - Stand (14)Phrasal Verbs - Take (22)Phrasal Verbs - Talk (12)Phrasal Verbs - Try (11)Phrasal Verbs - Wait (10)Phrasal Verbs - Work (13)Phrasal Verbs - Write (12)



About & Of (10)Above & Over (10)At the end, in the end, etc (10)Beside & Besides (10)By or Until? (15)Except & Except For (10)Front & Back (10)Prepositions after Adjectives (22)Prepositions after Nouns (10)Prepositions Mixed Types (31)Prepositions with verbs (37)


Present Perfect

Present Perfect (11)Present Perfect Simple & Progressive (21)Present Perfect- Word Order (10)



Reflexive Pronouns (10)Self & Other (10)


Question Tags

Question Tags (36)



Indirect Questions (10)


Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns (10)Relative Pronouns 2 (35)Relative Pronouns- Omission (10)Relative Pronouns- Which & Where (10)That & What (10)


Spelling and Punctuation

Homophones (43)Plurals of nouns ending -f (30)Spelling (33)Spelling- -ance or -ence? (18)



Which syllable is stressed? (17)


Verbs and Tenses

Causative (21)Needn't & Don't Need (8)



Abbreviations (12)Achieve, Cope & Manage (10)Allow, Let, Make & Force (10)Arrive, Get & Reach (10)Begin & Start (10)Bill, Fare, Fee, Fine & Tip (7)Care, Matter & Mind (10)Close & Shut (11)End & Finish (10)Expect, Hope, Look Forward & Wait (10)Lie & Lay (10)Make or Do (20)Money (10)Say & Tell (16)Speak & Talk (10)