Jewish Calendar FREEBIE...

I thought I was all done with my calendar...but then I looked at our school closet and decided it needed to be reorganized again!  Whew, that took all day...but now I know what´s in there! Ha ha:)  I also put a lock on it because the kiddos kept getting in it and somehow all my hard work was undone in less then the time it took to organize it!

While I was in there organizing yesterday I decided my 4 year old needed to try Activity Boxes so off I went to make some numbers (I added them to my calendar - you can use them for both Activity Boxes and Calendar numbers:)  I also added Jewish holiday labels...ok - now I think I´m done - my husband sighed for me:) lol

I decided I would give these for FREE to YOU:)


If you want more Calendar stuff you can go here or here to see more of it:)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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