Millennials Can't Cook

A note from Missy: Y'all may remember my bragging on my daughter a few weeks ago, and sharing her proud moment of cooking stir-fry. Well, earlier this week when she said she had been asked to send a writing sample for a summer internship she was applying to, I asked her to consider writing a blog post for us. So... here's my daughter!

Three generations of home cooks (we hope!)

By Michelle Tippens

According to a study by in “Cooking Nightmares: A Generational Look at Capabilities in the Kitchen,” millennials make an average of 13 meals at home a week. Apparently, this is a shamefully slim number of meals cooked at home. To me, this is an extremely impressive number. As a junior in college, my extent of cooking knowledge goes as far as stir fry, which is still a feat to me. I may average 2 homemade meals a week if I’m feeling ambitious.             Cooking feels like an Olympic sport to me. Having a frying pan, a pot and the oven on at the same time is a circus of dinner preparation that I cannot seem to handle. Most of my cooking attempts involve multiple phone calls to my mother, as well as bouncing my eyes from the pan to the YouTube video I have pulled up on my laptop. I cooked rice for the first time a week ago, and I felt the same stress I feel when taking an exam. 

            So why am I, and many other millennials, challenged in the kitchen? One study cited by in “Why Millennials Don’t Know How to Cook,” states that it may be because many millennials still live at home. We don’t need to cook because Mom and Dad still do it for us. This could be due to millennials getting married later in life than our parents, as well as being burdened with student loan debt. However, neither of these excuses my own inability to cook well and often. I simply ignored my mother’s requests to teach me how to cook when I was growing up because I just was not interested. If only I’d known the struggle my future-self would be having!
            For the time being, I will survive on pasta with jarred sauce and stir fry that almost kills me to prepare. I will also continue calling my mom with basic culinary questions and finding recipes on YouTube. At least now I know I’m not alone.