Mini Blueberrry Cakes And Good News

Oh, ain't life grand? I've got a little spring in my step since I had a spot of good news this week. I've been invited to participate in the National Cornbread Cooking Festival in Tennessee next month. Do any of you live near South Pittsburg, TN? I'd love to see you there. I'll be making an Italian Four Cheese and Sausage Lover's Pie and hoping to impress the judges for a crack at the $5000 prize. I doubt I have much of a chance since I know a few of the other competitors, and they are seriously talented cooks. Still, I'm honored to even be invited, to be able to attend the fun festival and hopefully meet one or two of you. Good news calls for a sweet celebration of sorts, like this homey little blueberry cake. How convenient that I always need to celebrate just in time for my baking assignment with Tuesdays with Dorie. Greenspan doesn't specifically classify this charmer as a coffee cake, but it has brunchish leanings. Still, we gobbled it for dessert and would have been very pleased to have it for breakfast also. Had there been any leftovers, that is. I made a half batch (using half whole wheat, too) and it fit perfectly in three little 10 ounce ramekins. The warm cakes emerged moist and tender, polka dotted with blueberries. Mine were frozen blueberries, and they worked out beautifully. Feeling frugal still, I traded the walnuts in the topping with oatmeal. The buttery crumb topping makes these little blueberry cakes extra special. This is one I'll be making again, whether I need a reason to celebrate or not!
For the recipe, head over to Sihan's fun and pretty blog. You'll be able to turn out a half batch for around $3.00.Up Next:20 minute Dinner: Patty Melts with Honey Balsamic Onions