My Visit To The Succarra Showroom

One question. Do you LOVE jewelry?? 
Ever since the GOLD trend hit, I've been purchasing gold pieces left & right. My jewelry drawer is going to need to be larger, I swear! 
So....the other day I was invited to the SUCCARRA showroom here in NYC to get a peek at all these wonderful hot jewelry designers! They had a ton of jewelry displayed & some delicious mini CUPCAKES to eat! As for the pieces....Well, I added a HEART to each photo pointing to my absolute fave ones from the showroom!  I'll be highlighting those companies in the weeks to come...along with some other pretties that will be joining the MadeByGirl accessories section! Can't wait!

I'm so weak for stylish bracelets & rings - what's your favorite jewelry piece? ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or???

-images by jen ramos