Oct. Facebook Frenzy - Freebies For Everyone!

This Friday - Monday!!!
Q:What is the 'Frenzy?'

A:Several TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers)  Authors and Clip Artists have teamed together to offer freebies based on a fall theme.

Q:How Do I Get the Freebies?

A:Look for the 'Fall Frenzy' tab on a participants homepage. When you click it, it will prompt you to 'like' the page to get the freebie. Once you 'like' the page, you will be directed to the freebie. There will also be a picture (pumpkin) to click that will take you to the next stop.

Q:Are the Freebies on TpT?

A:No- not the free download! They are all exclusive to the FB frenzy. Some will be a Google Doc and others in Dropbox.

Q:How many freebies are there?

A:TONS! There are 3 groups- one for K-1, one for 2-3 and one 4-5 plus clip art. Each group has 30-40 participants! Find the hop that best suits what you need and you are all set!

Q:What if a link isn't working? How do I get to the next freebie?

A:All the links were checked and are working great, but if for some reason you get lost, as map of all the 'stops' will be posted for each hop. Find you last stop and then click the link to take you to where you need to go next.

Q:How long can I get the freebies?

A:The hop begins at 8am EST on 10/18/13 and runs until 8pm EST10/21/13. After that all tabs will be uninstalled.

Q:Will there be another frenzy? How will I know when it is?

A:More are definitely in the works, and by 'liking' each page, you will receive posts and updates to future frenzys and events!

Q:Do I have to start at a certain spot?

A:No! You can start on any of the participants pages and it will link you all the way through! The 3 hops are not linked together, though, so if you want to do more than one hop, you will need to find a participant in each hop to begin at.


Go to Thetravelingclassroom Facebook page.

Look for this button up at the top of the page and click on it.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

After downloading come back to the facebook page and click on the pumpkin to go to the next stop.

Step 5

Repeat!I am in the K-1 group this time.  If you are interested in a

 different group hop on over to my facebook page and look

 for the maps to find your group.

Now hurry over and have some fun gathering your new teaching resources- You only have 4 days - go,go, go!