One Good Egg (give-away)

Even as I type this, on a 100-degree early Friday evening with a cold Racer 5 IPA at my side, Ben is making dinner. "Here are leftover pinto beans," I said, and handed him the potato masher. "Can you make some kind of dip for us to have with tortilla chips and veggies?" And yes, he can. He's in there mashing and seasoning, stirring and tasting. Lemon, garlic powder, olive oil. Smoked paprika. Salt.
Jeez, Ben, you couldn't make something that didn't look so much like dog poo? (Kidding! So, so, so grateful.)And that's good, because perhaps I will never cook again? Yesterday we had beans and rice from the freezer. (If you're doing the math here, that means that, yes, Ben has been charged with making dinner for four from leftover thawed frozen leftover beans.) The night before we had pizza toast. The night before that, the kids and I had boiled artichokes with melted butter. I have no idea what Michael ate for dinner, or if he ate dinner. One day, at a party where I'm serving Cheetos and dirt again, Michael will refer to the recipe blog I used to have, and everyone will laugh.

A very small part of the problem is Suzy Becker. Because now I'm reading the illustrated neurological memoir (a genre you doubtless know well) I Had Brain Surgery, What's Your Excuse? And really: I just want to lie in bed with her funniness and kindness, her illustrations that make me (literally) LOL.

In the meantime, I have scored a delightful give-away of One Good Egg! I know! Because honestly? You will love it. I promise. You will love it. The whole entire time I'm reading her stuff, I'm like: "I like almond croissants too!" and "I feel weird saying my name at a meeting!" I just love her. (That is so lame. What is wrong with me, besides the heat and the Racer 5 and the lack of actual meals? Can I think of no higher praise than her liking of the marzipannish pastries, the social awkwardness? Apparently not. But please know this: I wake at 4 every morning, and I'm psyched to be awake, so I can read more.)

It's the usual: just leave a comment. I'll close the bidding a week hence. 6:00 EST on Friday. Then you'll have to return to see if you've won, and email me your address.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.