Our Helicopter

One of my helicopters was parked at the pumps recently when I came in to refuel. I think it's pretty nice. Snappy paint job, good avionics, and I'm sure it does that up and down thing that helicopters do so well. If you're Canadian it's yours, too. We should buy more of these. And lots of spare parts and stuff.

I've never flown a helicopter, and I'm almost daily glad that I don't, because of the really challenging sites they have to take off and land, but I'm always amused by their ability to do things I can't. They call "On final for the pumps," or if one is hovering over the taxiway I have called that I am planning to use, the pilot will cheerfully tell me he's moving sideways over the grass to let me go by. They can take off straight up, taxi backwards, land almost anywhere, even if it's just setting one skid down while the cargo is unloaded.

The closest I can get is when my GPS-indicated altitude bobs up and down, with my wheels firmly planted on the ground. I'm always amused when it does that.