Post 119 New Pots

A few of the latest pots from the kiln.

The first one is a deepish oval for a big old swamp cyprus;  Pot 85  (390 x 280 x 85) glazed in a 'parchment' glaze with a hint of green tones.

This next one, Pot 80 is a round pot of 285 diameter x 75high. It is highly textured. The last one I made like this was an oval pot and it was pretty popular. This on is a little darker but has all the same 'lava' like flow marks on the surface.

At the other end of the scale is this long low oval, Pot 81 (580 x 400 x 44). Another long pot that just fitted in the kiln diagonally. The glaze is slightly more matte than usual and a good brown brown, vs red brown or grey brown colour. The pot has a fair bit of movement in it which will make a good contribution to the final composition.

 And then at the other end of the scale is this commissioned shohin, Pot S30. It is a compound oval shape at 185 x 130 x 48, glazed in a nice blue. A nice pot for an Aussie native pine.