Post 211 New Tanuki Hot Out Of The Kliln

I really wasn't going to make any more of these but I had one small slender Sargent left and so it was a matter of well why not, the others are doing really well. Perhaps it will be like my photography - the more pictures I take the more good ones I get.

 This is the front. It is about 320mm high from the intended soil line. With this one I've made some legs to go down into the media and help support the weight as well as give a little stability. Off-white stoneware.
 From the right.  From the back.  From the left.
And then finally with the tree mounted and potted up. It needs to extend another 75mm or so to fill the cavity and then at completion I see the top of the tree extending another 100 mm or so above the top branch of the tanuki. Two or three years and it will look very presentable.