Post 37 Juniper Dreaming

Like most people I’ve got a couple of Junipers. One of them is a good 20+ years old and the trunk is not something you’d blog about, despite the fact it is a very attractive little tree.In short it doesn’t look like this one.

The approach available to most of us then is the sometimes controversial technique of attaching young live plants to a weathered piece of wood. It might be frowned on by the Japanese purists but in other places it’s a recognised way for the average enthusiast to approach an impression of age in a Juniper. Unfortunately in some places the collection of such timber specimens may be regarded as a little less than sustainable. Here in Australia we have two problems with this. One is that the deadwood needs to be dense and ‘grainy’, and such specimens are not readily available. Then survivability in our environment is the second challenge with hundreds of species of fungus just waiting to destroy any piece of unprotected dead timber before your eyes. 
Can we take the artificiality of a Phoenix Graft one step further and ‘create’ the required deadwood out of another medium entirely, or would that be going too far? How about a nice white piece of ceramic, that will never absorb water or grime, never rot and last FOREVER.
Ok so I’ve been thinking about it for a while and time comes to have a go.These shots are with the clay still wet, so it looks greyish. It will fire white. It’s about 220mm high. Note the groove for the tree location. Clearly it's designed for the 'roots' to be under the potting medium. It still has one clay prop holdingit up while it dries.

This is the front.

 And the LHS.

 And the Back

 And RHS

And a detail shot.
 It’s a few months away but I will follow up after firing when it is joined with a small Juniper I have ready.I have made another trunk too, a little larger and more complex than this one and it needs more work yet. Here it is still wet and propped.

 Cheers,Happy Potter