Rhodos Restaurant In Hoofddorp

Concourslaan, 192132 DH HoofddorpTel: 023 561 50 66E: [email protected]www.restaurant-rhodos.nl

Sometimes, it is good to get out of your city and just try other places! I am not going a lot in Hoofddorp but this weekend I meet a friend that moved there some months ago, and decided to go and spend the evening there!

We chose a Greek restaurant, family run and quite busy on Saturday evening with families and friends!
The place does not have anything special, but the food was really great! We enjoyed some mezze as starter and then I chose a Arni Metzalana; a lamb stew with aubergines. It was homemade, and was absolutely great!!!! Real food, real taste! I really appreciated it!Your globe-trotting connoisseur: helping you change your mind about food, wines and cooking! Check out www..com for quick and easy recipes and restaurants reviews!