Stuffed Crêpes With Béchamel

Tonight, you have to cook crêpes! It´s now or never!
This year for chandeleur, I decided to prepare my favourite recipe when I was a kid! Crêpes stuffed with béchamel, ham and cheese!!!!I know it´s really simple, but I do have such a good memory,... my mum was buying it frozen and it was always a party when we have it for dinner! When I discovered how to do it on my own, I definitely left behind the industrial ones, and have mine!

1/ First make some crêpes follwing my recipe shared earlier on this blog.
2/ Then  do a béchamel! For 4 persons, you need 3 tbs. of maizena, 50grs. of butter and 1/2 L of milk or beef broth. Prepare all your ingredients and measure before to start the béchamel. 

3/ In a pan, let the butter melt with a low heat. When the butter is totally melt, sprinkle the maizena while keeping on whisking constantly in order you have a smooth mixture. You will get a very tough yellow mixture. 

4/ When all the maizena is spread, start to add  1 cup of broth/milk. You need to whisk constantly and quickly to let the béchamel keep smooth.  Add a second cup. 
This is the most delicate stage. Then you can more broth/milk in large amount till you finish the liquid. Keep on stirring till you get the texture you want. Stop the heat.

5/ Add 50 grs. of grated comté cheese and 4 slices of cooked ham in dices. Mix everything and reserve.
6/ You can stuff the crepes in small packet like a Vietnamese roll or like a kind of purse (aumonière) you can close with some boiled leek or a chive. 

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