T&T 003-12 Prepositions

T&T 003-12
TEXT: Prepositions tested in this exercise:
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Fill in the suitable prepositions.
1. He glances (1) the rearview mirror.
2. "Fargo" is a throwback (2) the Coens' first feature.
3. With wit and imagination, the filmmakers show a rare respect (3) the intelligence of their audience.
4. The people and their cars move around (4) bleak, snowy landscapes.
5. It is a love story, with Steve playing a musician dying (5) AIDS.
6. Gromit has a storyteller's genius (6) incident and personality.
7. "A Close Shave" would make a fine companion piece (7) Babe.
8. The intention of this page is to serve as a base (8) all information concerning Wallace and Gromit.
9. This leads Wilson (9) considerations about the construction of the movie.
10. To date, "Scream" has grossed over $100 million (10) the box office.
11. This brilliant psychiatrist plays manipulative mind games (11) his victims.
12. This outgoing and enthusiastic young man excelled both academically and (12) sporting achievements.
13. After reading the letter, he angrily ripped it (13) shreds.
14. Alfredo taught Toto to set his sights beyond the Cinema Paradise (14) the world outside.
15. Toto's naive passion (15) movies closely resembles the director's own.
16. In "Cinema Paradiso", we catch glimpses (16) Charles Chaplin and John Wayne.
17. The images can float (17) a wall, there in the night above the heads of the people.
18. We are on a city street (18) broad daylight.
19. John Woo has a unique eye (19) some great effects and action sequences.
20. The climactic speedboat scene of "Face Off" puts the lumbering "Speed 2" (20) shame.

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