Ten Minute Delicious Lasagna From Mary Connealy

Mary Connealy made this for our recent writers' retreat. It was wonderful, a crowd pleaser!

Now I didn't use Prego because I had two quarts of sauce and about a dozen big meatballs left from making sauce earlier in the week. A big pot of sauce is about 3 quick (yes, high carb!!!) meals, but every now and again a girl needs pasta! I used my strawberry masher and mashed up the meatballs into the sauce... and then added the cottage cheese. I was short on cottage cheese (only 1.5 containers) so I added a cup of ricotta to the mix.

It was marvelous!  And the BIG JOY OF THIS is that you can use regular pasta lasagna noodles (I used Barilla), and they cook all by themselves. No pre-cooking the pasta! It was PERFECT.

We had a crowd for Sunday supper and this got thumbs up from everyone. So here you go, Mary's recipe (and if we're really lucky/fortunate/blessed we might get Connealy to STOP IN!!!!!) 

Anyway, back to Connealy!

Lasagna recipe
The only real time used here is frying the hamburger:

10-15 minute assembly 1 hour cooking timeYou can make it and let it sit overnight

In a skillet I brown 1 lb of hamburgerAdded one jar of Prego Spaghetti SauceAdded one large carton of cottage cheese

Heat through

Uncooked lasagna in bottom of 9 x 13 pan. Not the special NO COOK lasagna, just regular, then top with a layer of hamburger/sauce.
Layer of mozza cheese (note how casually she writes the recipe for me??? Like she's a GENIUS!)

Repeat layers. I do two layers but doubled this recipe and did three layers for the extremely hungry looking Seeker group.
Parmesan cheese on top only, not on other layers.

Bake one hour.

Ruthy now:

Amazing and good! How fun to not have to crazy-slave for hours for a delicious lasagna!

And Mary Connealy's got a wonderful book out right now, a new bestseller "Now and Forever"!  And she's going to GIVE ONE AWAY!!!!! So leave a comment below and we'll put your name in Ruthy's cat dish (freshly washed after the kitties ate lasagna, ala "Garfield") 

Connealy, thanks so much for sharing with us! Got nothin' but love for ya'!

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