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Have you hopped by the Mommy Blogger Directory?  Tonight I´m sharing a post from Michele from The Mommy Blogger Directory...just click on the button below to go over and check it out!

I was also featured on their website with a guest post!
You can see it hereThey have a lot of different things to´s just one interesting post from Michele...Trends in blog designTrends in blog design seem to stay similar even though certain fad themes come and go as interests wax and wane. Popular blog design trends include rich typography, solid color blocking, the homemade “scrapbook” look, oversized typefaces, photographic backgrounds, and info graphics.Typography can be seen on sites such as Pinterest, where different sayings and expressions in beautiful type are combined to create a layered, textured text effect.Photographic backgrounds offer a personal touch with beautiful scenery, while info graphics add visual interest with bold colors combined with informational data. Info graphics are seen on a lot of fitness websites, which feature age, weight and other information in an array of interesting shapes and colors.The scrapbook style is popular due to the deep personalization effects that could be created on several websites, such as There are several free scrapbook layouts out there, or one could create their own.Many bloggers also like to add a PayPal or payment processing service to their blog so they can generate extra income.Solid color blocking is a high contrast/high interest approach to websites that can be seen on several social networks.Oversized font is popular in blogs where there is something compelling to share and when one wants to make sure the world doesn’t miss it.It’s definitely attention grabbing. These trends do not show signs of making an exit anytime soon.

Thanks Again Michele:)