The Richest Six Year Old In Town

This little charge of mine is getting ready for Christmas. His preparation begins on December 26th, after he's sized up his loot. Like most little six year old boys, he's excessively wild for toys. He studies toy catalogues like they were newly discovered texts of ancient scripture. They are sacred and holy to him. We only buy toys for Christmas and birthdays, so there's a lot of space in between for dreaming about toys!toys!toys! But what if he had his own money to spend? What kind of toy buying spree would follow? He has it! 1000 bucks, figuratively in the pocket of his gymboree jeans. West won the Scholastic Push Up and Create contest a few weeks ago. Here's the wrapper he designed for a Nestle push up popsicle. Isn't it cute, in a very six-year little-boy old sort of way? The contest allowed entries from kids ages six to twelve. The other kids are accomplished artists, but my little boy had big dreaming on his side. Here's his winning entry. In addition to winning $1000 dollars-and don't worry, the lion's share is going straight to his college fund- he also gets to donate $2500 to a local public school, and have his winning wrapper features on Push-Up popsicles next year. Here are the other winning entries. You can check out the finalists right here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the grand prize winners.)Here's my question for you wise and wonderful readers. West wants to buy himself a DS. I want to hear from you readers that have kids with DSes in the home. Would we be sliding down a slippery slope with no possibility of return? Will West be hiding in the bathroom all day, playing his DS? Will he forget about his desire to kick balls and throw rocks outside, preferring instead to become a video game head? Chime in and advise, oh wise and wonderful readers.For the moment, I've got a happy little fella on my hands. It's good to remember that dreams really can come true. Even when you are six.