This Is What A Photo Bombing Goat Looks Like...

 photo goatbombblog_zps6dd9a718.jpg

I had been trying to take a picture with my phone of me and Max. I'm not really sure how it works, and neither is Max. But we tried to pose and as I clicked, Brina showed up to nibble my nose!

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OK Max, quick, smile...

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Just a minute Sammy, I think you look over here....

 photo meandsam2blog_zps03531962.jpgThis boy is... the love of my life.
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Sammy: What's that mom? There's something on my face?

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Me: you've got lipstick on your face, here let me wipe it off...
Sammy: No it's OK just leave it. I just love this particular color... 

 photo 005blog-6_zpse2444b62.jpg

Biscuit: Are you taking a photo OF ME??? What? Right now?

 photo 031blog-5_zpsd5c983cd.jpg

This one blurred, but it was too darned cute not to share, just look at that Spock right off the ground.

 photo 037blog-5_zpsb896f6f7.jpg

Biscuit: mmm don't mind if I do have a sip. I trust this is pure goats milk gently heated?

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Oh there is that little Puffin!

 photo 044blog-4_zpsebfd144a.jpg

And Firefly having a snuggle....

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And Aurora, the apple of my eye. This kid is unreal. Every time I go in the pen, day or night, she immediately  jumps into my lap, lies down, and goes straight to sleep. And I don't just mean, a light rest, she passes out. Tonight I was actually concerned she died. She was curled up lying there and I was petting her but also playing with Firefly and Puffin, and then all of a sudden her head dropped upside down on my leg, and her teeth were out, her tongue was out. I thought "boy she is really out" and then I watched her nervously. She was breathing but very gently. I mean seriously, she was just bouncing around a few minutes before. I broke down and had to move her to make sure she was OK, and of course she was she was just passed out! She quickly went right back to sleep after I woke her up. I can't believe she passes out like that in my lap. It's the most adorable thing ... ever. I've never had a goat kid that was not bottle raised that acted like that. I can't believe how sweet all three of these girls are.

I also just can't believe how darned lucky I am.

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And Puffin is eating hay! She's just nibbling, they all are, but it's so darned cute. They are growing so well! It does my heart good. When I was in my Vet clinic the other afternoon picking up Norman's heart medicine, my Vet Tech said it's so rare for triplets to ALL do well, and I know that, I sure hope it keeps up too.

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These ladies are doing great - all 10 of them. But they haven't laid one egg between them yet! I imagine they are not overly pleased with the weather, and aside from that, just because they are labeled "ready to lay" from the hatchery doesn't mean they are ready to lay right now. I'm still anxious for my first fresh egg though!

My turkeys and ducks have been laying and Max and Flavious have been eating every single egg.

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Spock is a little chunker. He's eating really well. He's eating solid food very good but still getting milk twice a day.

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Things are actually starting to green up a bit around here, which is a welcome sight.

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You see that little tree, it usually pops out just before everything else leafs out so it's getting close!

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We also finally got the first of our bookshelves. Seven of them. Kevin's managed to get three put together so far. Tomorrow we start moving books around.

My poor camera has been seriously injured for a couple of weeks now. I have my Canon G10 which is what I have been using, but I'm really missing my G12. We have to take it all the way into the city to send it away to get it fixed, so it's going to be a while before it's back in full operation. I'm glad I have my G10 as backup but I am so used to the 12, the 10 is a lot slower.

I am getting ready for a busy weekend. Jim, our helper, is coming on Saturday to hold goats for me so I can do feet - I'm planning on doing 12 goats Saturday if all goes well. So that's 48 hooves. Sunday we leave for a quick trip all the way to Toronto for some tests and a Doctors appointment on Monday and then we'll turn around and drive the 4 hours home so I can milk Biscuit again. It should be a very long day. But maybe the Doctor will have something helpful to offer.
It's been cooling off at night enough that we still have had to have a fire to warm up the house before bed. But that's OK... I'm enjoying the evening fires while they last but still counting down the days until I can sleep with the doors open again. Nothing is better than falling asleep listening to the frogs  and Whip poor wil singing while a cool spring breeze blows through the house... well except for goatie kisses.