Weekend In Incheon

Hello, blog!
Update on the weekend:
We decided earlier in the week to go to Incheon, where my parents-in-law live, because it's my father-in-law's birthday today (Sunday).
The confusing thing about my in-laws is that while they celebrate their sons' birthday on the day (regular solar calendar), they celebrate their own birthdays according to the Lunar calendar. Neither my dad's or mom's families use the Lunar calendar for anything, so this is completely bizarre to me.
Anyway, we took an afternoon KTX (the super fast train here in Korea that makes my ears hurt) yesterday, Saturday, and went up to Incheon.
Though his birthday is technically today, the same day (solar calendar!!) as my great-aunt, we celebrated last night. With a cake that we bought on our way to the house:

Aww. He's so cute, even though he's 68 (Korean age)! Another funny thing is that according to the Chinese zodiac, he's a mouse and she's a snake! (My mom and mother-in-law are the same age, by the way.)
This was dinner last night. My mother-in-law just discovered Vietnamese spring rolls and loves them, so that's what we had. Pretty dang good, actually, but no Sriracha sauce, which was a bit sad for me. I love Sriracha sauce!
And here's brunch this morning. The seaweed soup (미역국) is traditional on birthdays for Koreans, so we had it and eels (that grilled stuff behind the soup). I don't much like eel because it's too soft. I have finally figured out that for me, texture is king! If something is harder, chewier, or difficult to get down your throat, I'm much likelier to like it. 
And now we're headed back to Busan, back home. 
This is inside the train moments ago! I realized that I'm so used to Korea that I don't really take many photos of everyday life here, but I'm going to try to change that. 
And! AND! Happy Father's Day!! To my dad, father-in-law, and to all dads out there, including my husband, to-be-father to our future babies ❤️