Wordpress Vs. Blogger ~ Thoughts?

 I'm tossing around the idea of converting from Blogger to Wordpress.What are your thoughts? I am looking to update the look of my blog to feel a bit more modern while still feeling classic.Truth:  I've never really felt as though I have perfected the look & appearance of my blog to be a true representation of my creativity and style.So, I've been searching for the Right Thing if you know what I mean.
   I really love some of the fantastic themes that are out there for Wordpress blogs.I've been wanting to take a Wordpress class (when I can find the time.)I also know there are some great tutorials out there.But, maybe then again its really just all about content & I should stick with what is simple for me. So, naturally, thought I would ask those of you who support me along the way! Which blogging platform do you use?Has anyone made the transition from Blogger to Wordpress?Is it as scary as it seems???Do you have to be completely HTML savvy?  PLEASE I need your help...let me know your thoughts!