Young Summers At POST In 3D

Young Summers introduced her first three-dimensional artwork at POST Gallery (1904 E 7TH Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021) tonight. Young, a member of the Culver City Art Group, is the creator of some prize-winning collages. She invited members of CCAG to attend her exhibit.

I always like to see new and different art. The exhibit was a lot of fun, and that is what art should be in my opinion—fun.

Yes, it can be about serious subjects but to get the point across it needs to invite the viewer in and that can only be done by creating an enjoyable environment.

Personally, I always prefer innovative, creative, adventurous art… even if I don’t particularly care for it… to dreadfully boring, serious stuff. Art should be an adventure, not a known quantity.

Fortunately, no worries, as I always enjoy Young's art work.

(Photos copyright roslyn m wilkins)